Jamie t - calm down dearest

I look around at the state of instruction for guitar, and I only find one person out of all guitar educators, who bases instruction on the science of producing sound, the biomechanics of doing it, and the neurology of learning to do it well. Jamie Andreas, of course. I just don't understand how out of 7 billion of us, only one has recognized the need to understand how our bodies and brains work, and how to apply that to playing and teaching guitar....... David Pike, guitarist

FACT 3: If you can' t play a song all the way through without breaking down - you are having trouble learning guitar. FACT 4: You can make amazing progress and see ...

Knowing about meltdowns and how to parent an angry child can only get you so far. If your child is unaware of their feelings, emotions and triggers, it will be very hard to manage the meltdowns. In our house, the meltdowns can take us hostage. Our home becomes un-peaceful and full of yelling. When we all take a deep breath, make learning and talking about our emotions, and sit as a family to problem solve, our house restores a peaceful atmosphere and we are better prepared to help our angry child.

Jamie T - Calm Down DearestJamie T - Calm Down DearestJamie T - Calm Down DearestJamie T - Calm Down Dearest