Timmy regisford tr body / poem

DJ Timmy Regisford is a House artist and producer who, according to , "His flare and panache on the decks not only technically, but programming-wise has rightly earned him the well-deserved moniker, The Maestro." [1] In 1981 Timmy Regisford with partner Boyd Jarvis started doing a mixshow on WBLS in New York City. [2]

  1. Scott Diaz - Get Your Music On
    (Vocal Mix) (Connect:d)
  2. Ralf Gum feat. Luther Vandross - Lose My Shine
    (Andrea F. Shiny Mash) (-)
  3. Ministry Of Funk - Money
    (DJ Xpress)
  4. Sasha Alazy - Alright
    (U-Ness & JedSet Remix) (Diamondhouse)
  5. Mustafa feat. Tasita D'Mour - The Boss
    (Supra Nova Dub Mix) (Staff Productions)
  6. Baggi Begovic feat. Haze - Blame
    (Classic Mix) ()
  7. Rober Gaez - Drunkin Preacher
  8. Crazibiza - Eastchester
  9. DJ Mes - TK-421
  10. Exist - 1Beat 2Feet
    (Kaytronik Remix) (Atjazz Record Company)

"I wasn’t even into dance music before I went to the Music Box," he laughs. "I was into rock and roll . We would get drunk and listen to rock and roll. We didn’t give a f***, we were like ' Disco Sucks! ' and all that. I hated dance music 'cos I couldn't dance. I thought dance music was kind of wimpy, until I heard it at like Music Box volume."

JV: The business just wasn’t fun anymore. I didn’t get up with a smile on my face to do it anymore, and then I was turned on to this group of people that still… It’s fascinating to me to see how this all works because I don’t have a manager, I have…