Witch way - clapping song

The Millennial Generation and subsequent generations do not understand that.  Worship leaders are greatly responsible for that deficiency.  I have watched “high energy” praise bands rock the crowd into a frenzy.  When the frenzy subsides, the worship leader might say, “God showed up tonight.”  That was false teaching.  God is in us as the Holy Spirit.  He does not “show up” if true Christians are gathered because He is already there inside of them.  However, the doctrine planted in the minds of the people is that the emotion they corporately felt, entirely generated by the worship band, was God “showing up.”  Thus, the activity they just demonstrated is considered as true worship, and God showed up to receive and be involved in it.

Witch Way - Clapping SongWitch Way - Clapping SongWitch Way - Clapping SongWitch Way - Clapping Song