Le roux - so fired up

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An army statement said 24 of the attackers were killed and two SUVs they used were destroyed. The area was being combed by army troops in pursuit of the militants.

This hidden gem is five minutes from Lanseria airport. It’s a family-friendly, country-style restaurant that’s equipped with a jungle gym, sand pit, push scooters and a soccer field. There’s also a kiddies’ area inside where they can watch movies, colour in and hang out. A stable invites the little ones to see bunnies, chickens, a cow, horses, Hammy the pig and two goats. The venue is fully licensed with craft beer and boutique wines, offering a wholesome, South African-inspired menu that includes the signature lamb shank and curries, as well as home-made burgers, spag bol and fish fingers for the kids

‘Whether someone is unhappy, have a low self-esteem, feel frustrated, have anger issues, suffer from depression or just feel totally alone in this world’…they can with no doubt be transformed through our “ Advanced Transformation Coaching Techniques” and Revolutionary “ Transformation Coaching System™ “.

With a show on the Discovery Channel one would think they could afford some type of dental care. Now that Obamacare offers dental care for almost everyone at an affordable price doesn’t it stand to reason that Billy Bryan Brown would use some of the money made from his book to take his children to a dentist? Maybe I am crazy.

Le Roux - So Fired UpLe Roux - So Fired UpLe Roux - So Fired UpLe Roux - So Fired Up