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All refrigeration systems are balanced. The amount of energy absorbed at the evaporator (cooling) must equal the amount energy shed at the condenser (heating). GTR technology uses a specially designed condenser and airflow to reject more heat, allowing the evaporator to reach lower temperatures ().

The Orb are an English electronic music group known for being the pioneers of ambient house. Founded in 1988 by Alex Paterson and The KLF member Jimmy Cauty, the Orb ...

Following Weston's departure from the Orb, Thomas Fehlmann joined as a full-time studio member, but did not always participate in live performances. Paterson, Hughes, and Fehlmann then finished producing the album Orbus Terrarum , on which Paterson and Weston had been working. Orbus Terrarum , released in 1995, featured more "earthbound" and "organic" sounds than their previous trippy science-fiction-themed music. [6] [28] Orbus Terrarum suffered, as Paterson described it, "a good kicking" at the hands of the British press, [29] who described it as "generic" and a low point for Paterson's creativity. [26] [30] Orbus Terrarum alienated many of the group's fans, [31] and only reached #20 on the British charts. [32] American critics gave it great acclaim, including Rolling Stone who made it their album of the month, citing its symphonic flow coupled with the Orb's "uniquely British wit". [4] [33] [34] After a long world tour, the Orb, with Andy Hughes and Steve Hillage, settled down to produce their next album, Orblivion —the process of which saw a return to their spacey sounds. Though Orblivion was recorded in May 1996, it was not released until almost a year later, due to Island Records' desire to promote it as a follow up to U2 's techno-rock album Pop . [35] Orblivion sold well in Europe as well as the United States, where it reached the Billboard Top 200 . The first Orblivion single, " Toxygene ", was the highest charting single by the Orb, reaching #4 in the United Kingdom on 8 February 1997. Despite high sales, Orblivion received a lukewarm reception from the British press. [2] [36] As with Orbus Terrarum , Orblivion was better received by American critics, including Rolling Stone , who praised its "contrast of chaos and euphony". [4] [31] Meanwhile, the stresses of touring sat heavily on Paterson; he considered retiring the Orb, but continued touring and producing. [37] In 1997 the band sold their studio Joe's Garage to the Godfrey brothers of Morcheeba . [38]

Todas las valoraciones que recibimos de los artículos que ofrecemos son reales y están verificadas. Un pequeño gesto, pero de mucho valor. Por eso, te agradecemos ese minuto que inviertes en dejarnos tu opinión y calificación sobre los productos, porque nos ayuda a seguir mejorando y a ofrecerte un servicio de todavía mayor calidad.

Ashtead Technology and Forum Subsea Rentals are to enter in to a joint venture to create the largest provider of subsea survey and ROV equipment rental and associated services in the industry.

Please note that the stock alternator will have to be replaced with an alternator with a minimum 30 amps additional charging capacity.

Ambient Teknology PhoenixAmbient Teknology PhoenixAmbient Teknology PhoenixAmbient Teknology Phoenix