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On New Year’s Eve 1968, Steve Marriott walked off stage mid-gig and broke up the Small Faces early the following year. Marriott and Frampton formed heavy rockers Humble Pie, while the rump of the band found another path to success, recruiting Ron Wood and Rod Stewart to constitute The Faces. But a quality that belonged to the Small Faces exclusively was lost.

The group members were also beginning to have their doubts about Oldham and Immediate. The producer/manager had parted company with the Rolling Stones in mid-1967, with the result that Small Faces became the creative core of the label (and the sole cash cow in Oldham 's orbit). Whereas the Mick Jagger / Keith Richards songwriting team had contributed songs to some early Immediate acts, suddenly Marriott and Lane were being asked to come up with songs and serve as producers, which would have been OK except that, even with a fresh string of hit singles and a pair of LPs that sold well, they were getting no royalties -- Immediate was keeping much of what their recordings earned, all charged against their studio time at very high rates, though the group was at least getting more money from fewer but much better-paying gigs. The reality of the record business is that, to some extent, every label pads the books -- as in the film industry, where expenses from box office bombs, or for ordinary day-to-day operations, somehow manage to get written off against the revenue generated by the hits, the record labels all manage to shift some losses to money-making acts' fees. The problem for Small Faces was that they were the only money-making act on Immediate. Everything else was hit or miss (and most often miss), some records by the Nice at one point and some early singles by . Arnold and some American-licensed sides by the McCoys , Van Morrison , et al., succeeding, but most losing money.

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Small Faces The Small Faces The Complete CollectionSmall Faces The Small Faces The Complete CollectionSmall Faces The Small Faces The Complete CollectionSmall Faces The Small Faces The Complete Collection