Wounded kiosk milki's chalice

Picture this: customers in your busy store, hungry to spend, the tills ringing with the sound of profits. Sounds perfect! Your cashiers are going through till rolls at a tremendous rate and are requesting additional supplies of change, but it’s not only cash to be mindful of.

The centerpiece for an interactive touch screen kiosk featured in the American Fur Company Store / Dr. Beaumont Museum on Mackinac Island, this exhibit includes a nine-chapter menu that tells the fascinating story of the world’s first direct studies of human digestion. In 1822, a young voyageur named Alexis St. Martin was wounded by an accidental gunshot in the American Fur Company Store. The black gun powder cauterized the abdominal wound and prevented it from healing. Dr. William Beaumont, Fort Mackinac’s post surgeon, treated his patient over a period of time, and conducted the feeding-digestion experiments and studies, advancing world understanding of the digestive process. Future Media produced the video and animations, recorded and synced the narration and programmed the touch screen.

Lastly, myself and the park team would like to say a massive THANK YOU for all the support and interest you have shown so far in our project – and it’s not long now before you will be able to see the restoration complete.

The FDA tailored its guidance to be a middle-ground approach. It sought to help pizza chains and grocery stores comply with the requirement in response to complaints that had been made by some businesses and industry groups.

Frites, fries, chips — by any name, the sliced and fried potatoes we call french fries are a culinary mainstay. From "Frites," by Anne de la Forest.

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