Kr's project right here right now

 · Hi all, Just purchased this project & engine separately. Will post all progress pics over here . Henni

Same here! I thought It would be a light-weight tent for camping, and I, too wondered about the apple. However, I am glad I clicked, because I never knew that light tents were a thing, but I am just beginning to take an interest in photography, and this will be just the thing for me. The design looks simple, low-cost, and really usable.

I was kidding who knows for sure the Steelers seem to make the right moves . We don’t see the class room stuff and everyday practices.

I have not flown of the board so there could be other errors or new problems with it. However, to the best of my knowledge this addresses the known issues of v1.

Class subject matter, timing and duration are flexible and would be up to the teacher to design and prepare. We welcome anything from multi session classes resulting in a finished project to single day or half-day classes on specific subjects. Most of our classes have been evenings and weekends, though over time we hope to draw daytime classes as well. Our focus is mostly on artisan hand woodworking although some power tools are available, mostly for instructor use. For longer classes, we can provide open shop time outside of class for students under the direction of a local, skilled woodworker. The shop has 8 benches (6 with vises) and an array of hand tools available for student use.
We have a team of volunteers who can support the classes as well. Ideally, we are looking for instructors who have worked in a school setting, have safety training, a very strong safety ethic, who enjoy working with beginners and are interested in contributing the building a strong craft community. Our classes are currently developed for adults, but if we find the right instructor, we would like to offer youth classes as well. We strongly encourage women and men with diverse backgrounds to contact us. We pay all of our instructors, though volunteers are always welcome!

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KR's Project Right Here Right NowKR's Project Right Here Right NowKR's Project Right Here Right Now