Apache gangsta bitch

Bk bitch fucc Latin Kings too dirty Scum n fukk black disciples all yu Chicago niggaz pussy half ya ogz 17? getting banged on by sum lil niggaz my grape st niggaz in Jersey Newark bricc city gotchu shook as hell tell Sosa stop gasing y’all hoes HbCGz211 bkanGink on ya hoes
N my bkabky loC103rd wattz niggaz in Jersey banging on y’all???

Reblok – Come On
Waze & Odyssey – Down With Tha (Edible)
Prok & Fitch ft Dajae – Minder (Relief)
KIKDRM – Jacked

The Hot Release
Mario Ochoa – Valencia
Mark Knight, Green Velvet & Rene Amesz – Live Stream (Toolroom)
Cristoph – Make Out
The New Sins – Lights Down (Franky Rizardo Remix)

The Spotlight
ZDS & Kid Enigma – Picture Perfect (Play It Down)
Caal & Baum – This Story (Raffa FL Remix) (Baumhouse)
Daniel Steinberg – Bailando (Dick Johnson Re-Edit) (Play It Down)
Little By Little – Keep On Dancing (Wired)

The Flashback
Express 2 ft David Byrne – Lazy (Skint)
Detlef – Pump Up (Repopulate Mars)
Nathan Barato – Stomp Change (Hot Creations)
Christian Nielsen – Last Night (Play It Down)

The Release Yourself Guest Mix with Saliva Commandos
Saliva Commandos – Knapp your hands (IN:COMMAND RECORDS)
Saliva Commandos - Space in-between (IN:COMMAND RECORDS)
DJ Clock - Unnion Dance (Sheer Sound)
Whitesquare - Abduction (DFTD)
Memoryman & Rogue D - Release Me (DFTD)
Saliva Commandos - Brooklyn Till I Die (Promo)
Trikk - Warriors Dance Dub (Inversions)
Saliva Commandos - Afro Blood Bang (Double Cheese Records)

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Stretch was my closest dog, my closest homie. I did a lot of drama, I got into a lot of cases and shit because of Stretch. Money wise, he could've had anything. His daughter was my daughter, whatever she wanted she could have. Then this shit happened and the nigga didn't ride for me. He didn't do what your dog is supposed to do when you shot up. When I was in jail, nigga never wrote me, never got at me. His homeboys was coming to see me and he wasn't coming to see me. And he started hangin' around Biggie right after this. I'm in jail, shot up, his main dog and he hangin' out going to shows with Biggie. Both these niggas never came to see me. [10]

Apache Gangsta BitchApache Gangsta BitchApache Gangsta BitchApache Gangsta Bitch